Hackathon Project Presentation

#Artartusi is an hackathon project in the name of Pellegrino ARTUSI, the First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World is a new yearly event supported by the Italian Ministry for agricultural Food and Forestry Policies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to promote the Italian gastronomic culture.

Casa Artusi, in collaboration with Emilia-Romagna Region and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ international network of diplomatic and cultural Representations, took this opportunity to further develop the project “Pellegrino Artusi and the Italian unity in the kitchen”, which includes the homonymous multilingual exhibition, scientific and literary conferences, workshops and show-cooking by “Artusian master chef”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs selected one of the brand new action of the project for its innovative features: The Feast Days Food in Artusi Cuisine. This Artusi hackathon is a new and original format, connecting cultural tradition to innovation and the digital environment.

The focus is homemade, family cookery, and in particular Artusian Feast Days menus, which best represent the idea of Italian fine living, as they combine quality products with traditional know-how, innovation in researching, and the importance of staying together. In short, food as an opportunity to meet and exchange and as the universal language in which every culture can see its way. So the first international hackathon on Italian cuisine could not arise but from Pellegrino Artusi, the author of the long seller “Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating well”, to re-discover his heritage and to promote his cookery in a contemporary way.

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